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corduroy road is a social purpose corporation (spc) with the mission to provide support and guidance through the many thresholds of the human experience. While there are differences among us, there are many places where we cross into similar territory — the common landscape of life itself.


We hope to provide space for & witness the experiences of all people. Each issue explores a common theme from wide cultural perspectives, through stories, poems, artwork, rituals, meditations, exercises, resources & connection.

Our first issue Waves is a deep dive into the complexities of grief & loss.


It will be followed by Risewhere we explore the process of alchemizing our pain into medicine.


Alive our third issue is a reminder and guide to cultivate joy along our journey.

Surrender, our fourth issue anchors us into life itself, through embodiment, trust & devotion. 


The work has not always been easy, the road to this place has been treacherous at times, but when we fully open ourselves & share our stories, we reveal a path for others to find their way through.

In reverence of life itself & in deep devotion to

engaging with our world in harmony, balance & oneness.


75+ people have donated their writing/artwork to our issues.

100+ copies donated to those in need.

We believe community care & wellness support should be accessible to all.

If you are in need & do not have the financial means to purchase this work, please reach out below.

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