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thank you for considering submission. 

If you feel drawn to a particular theme / issue and would like to contribute artwork, we would love to hear from you. Please fill out the form below or contact us at We are so grateful for your unique voice & personal work. 




Please submit artwork as high resolution, 300 dpi, Full color .jpg, .tiff or .eps
We are looking for submissions between 800 -- 4000 words. Please submit documents in the form of a google doc. 
We are an advertisement free magazine. We will showcase a business in special circumstances; if you are providing a service that we feel will better our community and/or if you make a
donation, which will allow us to provide free or discounted copies to those in need.
***All submissions must also include a 50 word bio and any contact information you would like to include. Contact information could include social media links, website links, etsy shop, course links or e-mail address.

Waves - Winter

Rise - Spring

Alive - Summer

5/9/2022 submission deadline

We owe it all to our contributors, without them our pages would be empty.

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