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cor·du·roy road /ˈkôrdəˌroi rōd/

noun: corduroy road; plural noun: corduroy roads

  1. a road made of tree trunks laid across a swamp.

A corduroy road or log road is a type of road or timber trackway made by placing logs, perpendicular to the direction of the road over a low or swampy area. The result is an improvement over impassable mud or dirt roads.

2. social purpose corporation (spc) connecting us through the common landscape of the human experience


While there are differences among us, there are many places where we cross into similar territory - the common landscape of life itself. It is our mission to explore this landscape and to help you navigate the corduroy road.

our story

Sierra Montoya and Chelsea Jewell met at the age of 6, in a small mountain town nestled in the Colorado Rockies. They became friends immediately in first grade and whether they were acting in the school production of Hamlet, rapping nursery rhymes like Kris Kross for the school talent show, or using entire bottles of puff paint to create “mountains” on their first-grade teacher’s t-shirt, they always loved being creative and collaborating from their first days together.

They remained friends throughout their school years and beyond, though each journeyed upon their own path. Chelsea went on to Art School in Denver, CO then began graduate studies in child development. Her career has weaved in and out of ad agencies, reggio-inspired schools for young children, publishing houses and most recently, her own home office in Detroit. When she isn’t designing, she is exploring nature, with her husband, 8 year old daughter and 5 year old Great Bernese.


Meanwhile While Sierra went on to traveling around the USA in a van, living on an intentional community for 7 years, getting her degree from The Evergreen State College, and meeting her love and settling on Lummi Island, WA where they are Reefnet Salmon Fishers and co-owners of Lummi Island Wild. When Sierra isn’t catching or selling seafood, you can find her crafting, reading, gardening, and enjoying the natural world.

While their friendship remained through all their years of growing up and growing on, today, Sierra and Chelsea find their paths merging again in creative collaboration. They are so thrilled to bring this long-gestating seed to the light. They view this publication as a resource, as an art form, as a commentary, as a collaboration on all the things that make us human. It is their mission to support their fellow humans through the thresholds of life— the joy, the pain, the grief, the laughter, the new, the old, the giving and the loss, the cosmos, and the microbiome, the dance and the dream, we are all one in this great experiment of life.

Thank you for meeting us on the corduroy road, we hope you find something that you like —something that sticks with you— just like a good friend from elementary school in a small mountain town in Colorado.

Sunshine & Shadows,

Chelsea  & Sierra

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We owe it all to our contributors, without them our pages would be empty.

We are committed to sustainability.

Our magazine is available in both electronic & recycled print version.
Our print vendor is a certified B Corp dedicated to inclusivity & sustainability. We ship in recycled packaging with no extra waist. 

When you have completed your journey through these publications please consider passing them on to someone else in need. 

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