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Issue1 : Waves : Digital
  • Issue1 : Waves : Digital


    Take a deep dive into the complexity of grief with us. Through shared stories, visceral artwork, guided exercises, meditations, and poetry we will look at the many facets of the truly unique journey of grief. 


    “Love and grief is unavoidable. It is inclusive and does not discriminate. Every single human on this planet, with the exception of a very few, will experience it. There are countless books, movies, stories, articles, and resources about it, and yet… It is still so difficult to navigate. …For this first issue, we set out to create the resource that we had been searching for, during our own grief journey. The one that we wish we had had in those darkest days. In the end, I think this publication had been searching for us - we just helped it to bloom.”


    — Excerpt from WAVES Letter from the Editors.


    176 pages

    ad-free / full color

    digital pdf

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