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Issue 4 : Surrender : Digital
  • Issue 4 : Surrender : Digital


    Explore the concepts of release and surrender with us. Through shared stories, artwork, exercises, meditations, and poetry we will look at what it means to live life in the flow, to surrender to a higher power and let go of that which we cannot control.


    “Some of the toughest work we do on this planet is the work of acceptance — learning to let things be exactly as they are — through loss and grief, struggle and conquer, celebration and triumph and all the spaces in between. Within a colonized mind in a capitalistic society, this work can be so incredibly challenging. We must unlearn what we have been taught, tap back into our intuition, learn to listen, be present in the now and practice gratitude - to find acceptance and purpose through surrender.”

    — Excerpt from SURRENDER Letter from the Editors


    158 pages

    ad-free / full color

    digital pdf

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