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Issue 2 : Rise : Digital
  • Issue 2 : Rise : Digital


    Explore the concept and process of alchemizing our pain into medicine. Through shared stories, visceral artwork, guided exercises, meditations, and poetry we will look at what it means to rise again after life brings us low. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, what does it look like to rebuild after a traumatic event?


    “Any life changing circumstance can shake things up and bring to the surface unhealed parts of ourselves. Often exposing past traumas and stirring up the unresolved. This is us outgrowing our own skin… In life we embark on the journey of transformation through challenges, despair, pain, suffering, grief. Sometimes it feels like impassable terrain. With support, love and community we can find our way through these thresholds. On the other side we have a greater understanding of ourselves. Of our capacity.”

    — Excerpt for RISE Letter from the Editors

    120 pages

    ad-free / full color

    digital pdf

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