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Complete Set : Print
  • Complete Set : Print


    There is no magic secret to a fulfilled, complete & happy life. We will continue to complete this cycle indefinitely. Each time learning more about ourselves. Each time unfolding into ourselves. Alchemizing. Unlocking new understanding. Becoming.


    Join us on this raw, visceral, inspiringly vulnerable journey of the human experience, through our four issues, waves, rise, alive & surrender, the common landscape of life itself. We hold hands & hearts & carry on. We witness one another. We hold space. We L O V E.


    The 4 issues that complete the set  include shared stories, visceral artwork, guided exercises, meditations, and poetry surrounding the following topics. 



    Take a deep dive into the complexity of grief with us. We will look at the many facets of the truly unique journey of grief. 



    Explore the concept and process of alchemizing our pain into medicine. We will look at what it means to rise again after life brings us low. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, what does it look like to rebuild after a traumatic event?



    Explore the simple joy of being alive with us. We will look at what it means to Live. To experience this lifetime with unfettered joy and appreciate the gift that is life.



    Explore the concepts of release and surrender with us. We will look at what it means to live life in the flow, to surrender to a higher power and let go of that which we cannot control.


    120 - 176 pages

    ad-free / full color

    matte publication

    7x10 inches

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